Safe and Reliable Regenerative Therapy

With regenerative therapy as our main focus we offer medical care services to meet various needs of our patients.
[Safe] [Reliable] [Natural]
(1)[Safe] Better results with least degree of side effects
(2)「Reliable」Holistic therapy by eliminating the root causes
(3)「Natural」 Natural therapy, Japanese and Chinese Traditional Medicine Prescription

Regenerative therapy promotes the maturation of developing cells as well as cellular proliferation, and helps to efficiently eliminate the old cells.
Regenerative therapy is expected to be effective for a wide range of clinical conditions.

  1. Anti-Aging
    Skin Beauty

  2. AGA・Hair Growth for Women

  3. Athletic Injury

  4. Joints, Ligaments, Regeneration

  5. Alveolar Bone Regeneration

  6. Sexual Function Recovery

Regenerative Therapy


Regenerative therapy utilizes the culture supernatant obtained using the safety approved the adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs). This regenerative therapy aims to achieve the “regeneration for skin beauty, hair growth, and sexual function.”


Lactic Acid Bacteria Matching Treatment

The intestinal flora environment is deeply related with the immune function and obesity, as well as various diseases. To balance the intestinal flora environment, lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) matching blood test is done to determine the type of probiotics best matched to an individual patient’s health condition. Based on the test results probiotics are prescribed as part of the weight reduction treatment.


Special Physical Examination(PM2.5, Radioactive Contamination)

[Examination] Each type of test determines the body’s accumulation level of air pollutant Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5). At the same time, internal radiation exposure test can be conducted as well.
[Treatment] Treatment for PM2.5 and internal radiation exposure includes chelation, detoxification, and cleansing treatment.


AI Organic Dental Treatment

With the concept of Reliable, Safe, and Natural in mind, we provide organic dental treatment that is free from contamination of metals or chemicals.


Your Stay in the State-of-the-Art Hotel

As Japan’s first robot-based hotel, H.I.S. Hotel Holdings’ the Henn na Hotel Tokyo Haneda is situated 5-minute drive away from the Haneda International Airport. It is conveniently accessible from throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area, with available parking lot. For hotel guests, immediate short-term medical care services including testing for sleep apnea syndrome are provided.


Implementation of an Advanced System

AI Wago Clinic is Japan’s leading clinic to implement biotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), and robots into clinical setting.
By confirming evidence with artificial intelligence (AI), minimizing human error with the use of robots, and actively utilizing biotechnology we provide unique medical care service that promotes natural healing.

< Scope of the AI Function>
AI Supplementary Diagnosis/Efficient Appointment Management/Multiple Language Options/Voice Recognition, Identification by Visual Recognition, and Reading Emotional Changes, as well as Coaching

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot

We have installed artificial intelligence (AI) robots in the reception lounge. They provide detailed explanation about the tests and therapies offered at our clinic. Moreover, the appointments made via the clinic App can be smoothly checked in for registration with the computers installed in the lounge.

Collaboration with the Uninhabited Convenience Store

【AI Lounge Service】
Genetic tests, various effective lactic acid bacteria (probiotics), and health food as well as AI robot 24 original products can be purchased at the Uninhabited Convenience Store round the clock.
AI robots provide easy-to-understand product explanation 24/7.Also, we have installed the supplement dispenser that provides tailored Vitamin Cocktails. The Vitamin Cocktail is prepared based on an individual’s nutritional needs at the time of measurement and is provided for free to the hotel guests.
A customized drink『Vitamin Cocktail』provided by the supplement dispenser is aimed to promote good health and vitality. The supplement dispensor measures your current deficient nutrition level and makes automatic selection from a broad range of options including vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and folic acid. The tailored supplements come in powder form that can be easily ingested by mixing it in with mineral water or any drink of your preference, as well as salads. Please feel free to have a try.


Main Treatment and Physical Examination

Culture Supernatant Therapy

【Contents】Skin Beauty・Hair Growth・Alveolar Bone Regeneration
【Cost】JPY 8000~
【Treatment Duration】1 Day ~ 6 Months
【Side Effects】Hypoglycemia or the pain due to anesthesia injection

Lactic Acid Bacteria Matching Therapy (Weight reduction)

【Contents】Probiotics Matching and Supplementation
【Treatment Duration】1 Day ~ 6 Months
【Side Effects】 Stomachache・Constipation・Diarrhea, etc.

Organic Dental Treatment

【Contents】Oral cavity metal removal, chelation, metal-free dental implant
【Treatment Duration】1 Day ~ 6 Months
【Side Effects】 Momentary numbness, occlusal pain, etc.

PM 2.5 Accumulation Test・Treatment

【Contents】 Test and excretion of toxic substances
【Cost】JPY 3000~
【Treatment Duration】1 Day ~ 6 Months
【Side Effects】None in particular

Radiation Exposure Test・Therapy

【Contents】Test and decontamination
【Treatment Duration】1 Day ~ 6 Months
【Side Effects】Pain due to intravenous drip injection

Physical Examination

【Contents】 Consultation with doctor・Blood test・Chest and abdominal X-rays
【Cost】JPY 24000~
【Treatment Duration】1~2 Days
【Side Effects】Pain, redness, swelling, burning sensation, subcutaneous hemorrhage, etc.

Optional Tests

【Contents】Various tumor markers, biomineral analysis, etc.
【Cost】JPY 15000~
【Treatment Duration】1 Day
【Side Effects】None in particular

Special Examination

【Contents】Internal radiation exposure test
【Treatment Duration】1 Day
【Side Effects】None in particular
AI Wago Clinic is a private practice clinic. Please be informed that public medical insurance cannot be used.
The mentioned side effects are the ones commonly seen in general medical practice. Please inform your doctor if you may have concerns regarding any of the side effects.