Do you want to travel back in time to your 20-year younger self?

Our clinic’s concept is centered around regenerative medicine, with the combination of Safe, Reliable, and Natural advanced medicine and the touch of Japanese traditional medicine, Wa.

AI Organic Regenerative Medicine

Our goal is to reduce your physiological age using highly promising treatment approaches with fewer side effects. They are expected to have persistence of efficacy and other various benefits for a non-treatment purpose. Benefits include skin beautification, hair growth, and improvement of sexual function and motor function.

Lactic Acid Bacteria Matching Treatment (Weight reduction)

Intestinal environment is highly associated with the immune function, obesity, and various diseases. The clinic conducts a test to find and provide suitable, tailor-made bacteria bacteria for each patient. And we support restoration of various organic functions.

AI Organic Dental Medicine

In line with our concepts, “security, safety, and nature,” we provide metal-free dentistry with organic materials which minimize the use of chemicals as much as possible. The chelation therapy is available to flush out metals accumulated within the whole body.

Organic treatment for sleep apnea syndrome

We use three approaches to address the fundamental causes of sleep apnea syndrome. In specific, a slimming approach to reduce the fat around the neck, oral appliances (orthodontic mouthpiece to keep your airway open), and practice of nasal breathing.

Japanese acupuncture /Japanese and Chinese medicines

Regenerative medicine takes a synergetic effect with Japanese acupuncture, judo healing, and Japanese and Chinese medicines to treat intractable low back pain, knee pain, and elbow pain. Japanese acupuncture and judo healing are recommended for delicate patients.


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