Director, AI Wago Clinic

Miki Nagaoka [Department of Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine and Surgery/Japanese Surgical Society Board Certified Surgeon and Japanese Society for Palliative Care Provisional Instruction Specialist]

【Career 】
Gastroenterology/Certified physician of Japan Surgical Society
Graduated from Tokyo Women’s Medical University

Joined the Department of Surgery, Gastroenterology Center, Tokyo Women’s Medical University
After she joined Gastrointestinal Medicine, Toya Kyokai Hospital and worked as Head of the Palliative Care Center, Akimoto Hospital, currently worked as a physician of the department of gastroenterology, Medical Corporation Association Iasokai
Assumed the office as Director of AI Wago Clinic, Medical Corporation Association Iasokai

Dr. Nagaoka practices modern medicine by focusing on the underlying causes of diseases. She strives to figure out the best possible way of providing medical care, the way in which society should be, and the way of living for women.
After that, She had experience in relieving mental distress of many people as the head of palliative care center at Akimoto Hospital in Fukuoka.
Endoscope technology has a good reputation, communication ability is very high, and trust from patients is very strong.One of her authored books is Aiming to Be the True Medical Practitioner (Japanese) .

Doctor, AI Wago Clinic

Junko Ogawa

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University
Certified Rheumatologist
Certified General Internal Medicine Specialist
Engaged in specialized treatment of rheumatism and collagen disease at Maizuru Municipal Hospital, Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, and Otsuka Hospital.
Given training on bioresonance and vibrational medicine at Y.H.C. Yayama Clinic.
Worked for Asuca Clinic Kioicho and Miyazawa Hospital.
Assumed the office as Director of AI Wago Clinic, Medical Corporation Association Iasokai


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