Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine

We uses stem cell culture supernatants, which are generated in a cultivation process of adipose-derived stem cells, to ensure secure and safe regenerative medicine.
Regenerative medicine is a medical treatment to regenerate tissues or restore impaired function due to ageing, disease, trauma, using cultured cells and tissues.
Regenerative medicine allows us to seek a way to definitive treatment through regenerating cells and tissues as well as restoring function of damaged tissues and organs lost from various causes, which is a completely different approach from conventional ones.
Regenerative medicine also has the potential to remarkably improve the quality of life (QOL) of the elderly and those suffering from disease, assisting their social rehabilitation. It is thus not only useful in the medical field but also expected to contribute to society.
We adopt regenerative medicine therapy to realize secure and safe treatment suitable for individual patients’ symptoms and concerns.

Regenerative medicine may be a useful treatment for a wide range of concerns such as chloasma, wrinkles, knee pain, liver dysfunction, gingivitis, cancer suppression, and chronic pain.

Expected benefits of the culture supernatant

Culture supernatant treatment

Adipose-derived stem cells can differentiate into various cells and tissues such as nerve cell, vascular endothelial cell, stem cell, bone cell, cartilage cell, and cardiac muscle cell, and are adaptable in the field of regenerative medicine. Culture supernatant fluid made through the process of culturing its stem cells richly contains over 500 types of proteins and other substances such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. Also, it contains cytokines which mediate proliferation and differentiation of cells as well as help recovery of functions of damaged tissues and cells in the body.
In short, the culture supernatant fluid has the ability to support the recovery of weaken or damaged cells and is applicable to care for various diseases and beautification.

Expected benefits of the culture supernatant1.Antiaging (physiological age rejuvenation) General rejuvenation
2.Skin beautification (skin regeneration)
3.Hair growth (restoration of lost hair)
4.Blood vessel repair (rehabilitation of myocardial infarction/cerebral hemorrhage, reversal of vascular aging)
5.Presbyopia (for those of 50 years or older)
6.ED (male potency enhancement)
7.Teeth (restoration of the lost alveolar bone)

Culture supernatant treatment flow

1.Questionnaires and interviews / examination [first visit]

[[Questionnaires and interviews] ]-To be done thoroughly and carefully for the whole body
・The first visit patients are to be received “Omics test” (5,400 yen, tax included) which serves as a basis for future examination.
[Required test] ・-Measurement of cytokines (baseline measurement to determine the effectiveness after the treatment)
[Diagnostic result explanation]-Attending physician explains the Omics test results.

2. Treatment regimen / detailed explanation

Based on the results, a doctor in charge provides information about a treatment plan (protocol), estimate, and other details. After explaining the treatment risk and possible side effects to obtain the informed consent, the treatment starts.

3.Treatment start

The treatment is in accordance with the protocol. (Injection and infusion therapy in most cases)

[Treatment time (excluding the time of questionnaires and interviews)]
Systemic intravenous administration (IV): about 30 minutes
-Local injection: about 10 minutes

4.Follow-up / revisit

5. -Examination of the treatment effect
-Remeasurement of cytokines


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