Takanawa Clinic –
A clinic that practices "WAGO medical care"

At Takanawa Clinic, we practice “WAGO medical care”, which actively incorporates Eastern medicine into what are known to be Western practices, such as internal medicine and dentistry. We welcome patients with a clear concept that distinguishes us from standard clinics.

Our chairman, Yasunari Kageyama, began practicing medicine in an isolated island richly endowed with nature. Thereafter, he acquired leading-edge medical techniques, and ultimately reached to the principle of “integrating Eastern and Western medicine, or WAGO (literally, harmonization)”. We welcome our patients to our clinic, as a place that delivers flexible medical treatments derived from those principles in the optimal environment.

If you have considered our clinic and empathize with our defining features, please feel free to begin by contacting us at any time. Our staff is bursting with hospitality and look forward to contributing to your genuine health.

At the Committee for the Dissemination and Promotion of Integrative Medicine,"What is WAGO medical care?" [Video]

The 7 Defining Features of Takanawa Clinic

1."WAGO medical care" offers a blend of Eastern medicine with leading Western practices

When it comes to our patients with psychiatric or chronic disorders, the main line of treatment is in Eastern medicine, where emphasis is placed on the “connection between mind and body.” For what it lacks, we supplement with Western treatments.
In turn, when it comes to patients in need of dental or dermatological care, we focus on drawing from the latest medical technology in Western medicine, skillfully combined with Eastern medicine and electrotherapy to draw out the best results.
The integration of East and West, “WAGO medical care”, is not a theory, but is in fact a world only understood through practice and the result of recovery.

2. Internal medicine and dental examinations unified – the WAGO way

Chairman Dr.Kageyama has always sensed the limitations of vertical divisions in Western medicine since his beginnings as a medical practitioner.
He continued to believe that a system requiring patients to be assigned to one specific department, whether internal, psychosomatic, dental, or dermatological, based on their conditions was insufficient. Examinations combining internal medicine and dental have been historically practiced in Switzerland and Germany. We fuse traditional Japanese treatments to this model, and offer “horizontally intertwined examinations”, none like any in the world, to deliver the best treatments for our patients.

3. Mibyou is not acceptable; we aim to treat the root of the condition by reinvigorating the self-healing powers innate to humans

Mibyou defines a state of having pre-symptomatic conditions in Eastern medicine, but oftentimes dismissed as “not ill” in Western practices. At our clinic, we recognize mibyou as an extremely important factor in medical care. Patients with conditions that are undetected by examination equipment’s are deemed “not ill” in modern medicine. Even if a patient is troubled by subjective symptoms, there are still very few practices that will strive to determine their condition.
At Takanawa Clinic, we consider mibyou as a condition, and provide holistic care to treat the root of the symptoms by drawing out the self-healing abilities innate to humans. And in that line, we aggressively incorporate Eastern and traditional medicine, as well as emotional care. One of our biggest features is that we not only eliminate symptoms with symptomatic treatments, but also place a value on eliminating the root of the problem.

4. Safe and secure materials and medical equipment

We are particular about selecting medical tools and pharmaceuticals that cause little to no side effects for our operations. The chairman himself selects materials that are safe, but with high efficacy, that can also be used for patients with hypersensitivity or allergic dispositions. For example, we use pure zirconium implants in our dental practices, which use the same material as man-made diamonds causing no electric currents or leakages. In our internal examinations, we use a 1.25 bolt that runs a very low electric current, harmless to the body, and evaluate lateral relations of vitals and organs based on how the current flows.

5. Private rooms, by appointment, focus on hospitality

The hospital waiting room is merely a place where patients wait to be called for their short examinations, like luggage on a conveyer belt. We believe this scene exemplifies one of the problems modern medicine faces. The distance between medical practitioners and patients are getting wider in modern medical institutions.
At our clinic, we believe it is important to reduce the waiting time for patients, and allot more time to understanding the patient’s background. Based on this principle, we are by appointment only, in an effort to make two-hour consultations with a two-minute wait, rather than the other way around, a reality. Additionally, all rooms are private so patients may receive their treatments in comfort, and an importance is placed on the after-care of patients who have been dispatched. We operate our clinic with an approach none like other.

6. A stress-free environment for medical care

In recent years, “fear”, “pain”, and “smell” are negative images associated with medical institutions. Such discomforts are a major factor in distancing patients from medical treatments that are actually a necessity.
At our clinic, we aim to dispel these conventional images by assembling an environment for ultimate relaxation. We eliminate medicinal smells by burning incents and refraining from the use of chemicals, place aerial vibrators, and play alpha wave music, as these undertakings are effective for relaxation. By stimulating the five senses, everything from smell, sight, and touch, we have created a treatment facility where patients can fully relax and receive their examinations in comfort.

7. Post treatment care and follow-up

After a condition has been healed, maintenance is essential in managing one’s health. At our clinic, in both medical and dental practices, we do not stop at curing the condition, but are determined to prevent relapse and primary symptoms. Post-treatment care comes in various forms, including dietary counseling, exercise guidance, yoga instructions, emotional care and balance, as well as intraoral hygienic care without the use of pharmaceuticals, which is unique to our clinic.

The Takanawa Clinic’s Pledge
The answer to realizing health is within every patient.

1. We will propose treatments catered to each patient’s physical and emotional disposition.

We will provide customized, rather than uniform, medical care catered to our patient’s physical and emotional disposition, and will continue to implement treatments that rely on the power of self-healing and self-recovery innate to each and every one of us.

2. We will propose flexible medical treatments that adopt the strengths of the East and West.

We will provide customized, rather than uniform, medical care catered to our patient’s physical and emotional disposition, and will continue to implement treatments that rely on the power of self-healing and self-recovery innate to each and every one of us.

3. We will strive to deliver a level of hospitality that is both satisfactory and relaxing for patients.

We will provide customized, rather than uniform, medical care catered to our patient’s physical and emotional disposition, and will continue to implement treatments that rely on the power of self-healing and self-recovery innate to each and every one of us.

Everything is for the happiness of our patients.
Takanawa Clinic makes a daily effort in practicing holistic medicine.
Please feel free to visit us at ease.